Within the Info-Vision Site Control Panel you’ll find a full featured, easy to use Databases Manager! Put it to use to experience complete control of your databases. You can easily set up new MySQL and PgSQL databases and oversee them through the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software programs, respectively.

A User–friendly and uncomplicated User interface

Easy and simple database control interface

Database management may appear like a difficult task to beginner website hosting users, nevertheless with the Databases Manager, it’s actually really simple! To set up a completely new database, you only have to enter your username and password. Database backups are a click away on top of that.People that would like to look into their databases and then update them can use the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

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Hassle–free Database Data backup

Secure your database content with a click of the mouse

Provided you have worked with databases, you know making a manual database back–up is not really a basic task. In order to change this, we have developed an easy to understand tool that will back up the entire database with just one click of the mouse. The backup file will be all set for you in less than a minute, depending on the size of the chosen database.

There are not any restrictions on just how many back–ups you may make for any selected database.

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Support for PgSQL

Assured stability for your personal databases

PgSQL databases are less sought after in comparison to the well–known MySQL databases. On the other hand, they are a favored selection for web developers seeking the best stability for their websites and web applications. Via the intuitive Databases Manager integrated into the Info-Vision Control Panel, you can administer all of your PostgreSQL databases with simply a mouse click.

You are going to find PgSQL databases provided by default inside of the best Linux cloud website hosting packages packages. If you are with a standard hosting package, you are able to ask for PgSQL databases to be added in your account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh face of MySQL

With Info-Vision, you’ll consistently discover the most recent edition of MySQL as well as the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, set up.

InnoDB is much more secure in comparison to the former storage engine’s edition – MyISAM. It is ACID–compliant and, even more importantly – it gives you 100% transaction support. In addition, it takes advantage of row–level locking, instead of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that seemed to trigger functionality problems at high usage periods.

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Detailed Database Stats

Thorough stats for all your databases

Keeping tabs on the load generated by the databases for your dynamic web site assists you to avoid all overload difficulties that might slow it down and ward off visitors. For this specific purpose, we have included a descriptive Database Stats tool into your Site Control Panel. There you will find thorough info on the incoming requests to your databases for each hour, day and month.

Depending on the number of day–to–day and per hour queries, it is possible to determine which databases are used the most and then consider actions to enhance their work.

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